Would you like some time and space to listen to your heart and creatively explore your goals for the month ahead, a time just for you?

Would you love to be part of a community, to know you are not alone and to experience support and accountability with like minded people?

The membership is here to help.

Through monthly group coaching, a dedicated Facebook group and weekly emails the membership will provide you with ongoing support, encouragement, insights, clarity, accountability and fun.

We meet every second Monday of the month and the Sunday preceding the second Monday between 1 – 2.30pm GMT.

The membership only costs £15.50 per month.

Join us and enjoy being with a group of like-minded, inspiring people.


Please find the Terms and Conditions of the Meteor Membership here: https://www.releaseyourshootingstar.co.uk/meteor-membership-terms-and-conditions/

Join us

The Membership doors reopen mid December for the group coaching on 9th/10th January

Frequently Asked Questions

what happens in the coaching session?

We start the session with a short mediation.

Ruth will then ask you a series of questions which you reflect on and record the answers in your journal – these questions are designed to support you to identify what is truly important to you this month.

We then move on to 15 minutes of solo journaling to further explore your realisations, goals and intentions for the month ahead.

You will then be put into ‘zoom rooms’ in pairs where you will share your goal and intentions with your partner.

We return back to a large group before ending the session.

If you have any further questions about the format please reach out and ask me, Ruth.

why is being part of the meteor membership beneficial?

To answer this I will quote some of my current members:

“it gives me total me time to focus my thinking on my happiness, goals, dreams and fears and in such a fun place”

“I am not alone”

“it gives me headspace for me”

“It gives me a different perspective”

“we support one another”

How do I cancel?

Cancelling is super easy, you reply to any of the membership emails and request to cancel – yes it is that easy.

what current members say

Sharing in others’ experiences within the Meteor Membership has been inspiring, it is really rich and beautiful to see others progressing.
the Meteor Membership helps you get to the bottom of what you really want in life and what’s missing
The Meteor Membership helps you to gain access to the real you, the one that was there before life added many layers of self doubt, that inner critic. You just seem to release, let go and inside that light is still there and Ruth guides you as you realign with your souls path, it’s powerful, uplifting, nerve wracking but oh so glorious…
The meteor membership gives me total me time to focus my thinking on my happiness, goals, dreams and fears and in such a fun place
self compassion