Do want to tap into what is truly important to you each month?

Do want support to make progress towards your dreams? 

The membership is here to help.

Through monthly group coaching, a dedicated Facebook group and weekly emails the membership will provide you with ongoing support, encouragement, insights, clarity, accountability and fun.

We meet every second Monday of the month between 1 – 2.30pm.

The membership only costs ยฃ15.50 per month.

Join us and enjoy being with a group of like-minded, inspiring people.

Let’s make progress together.

Join us today!

The doors to the membership are now open, our next meeting is on Monday 12th April at 1pm – 2.30pm.

what current members say

Sharing in others’ experiences within the Meteor Membership has been inspiring, it is really rich and beautiful to see others progressing.
the Meteor Membership helps you get to the bottom of what you really want in life and what’s missing
The Meteor Membership helps you to gain access to the real you, the one that was there before life added many layers of self doubt, that inner critic. You just seem to release, let go and inside that light is still there and Ruth guides you as you realign with your souls path, itโ€™s powerful, uplifting, nerve wracking but oh so glorious…