Creative Wellbeing and Clarity Coaching

For those who want become clear about their values, strengths and direction in life and be empowered to make progress towards their goals and dreams.

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Hello! my name is Ruth and I am a Creative Wellbeing and Clarity Coach who uses creativity and compassion to help you discover your North Star and to empower you to follow your goals and dreams.

I researched Vision Boards for my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (the research results were amazing btw!) and I often use them within my 1:1 and group coaching as well as running Vision Board workshops.

The 1:1 coaching, workshops and monthly membership are all conducted online meaning that your location is no barrier to working with me and finding and releasing YOUR shooting shooting star.

Contact me to see how we can work together.


The Meteor Membership has given me clarity on the next steps towards my dream, I have accountability and also encouragement from others.
to anyone considering the strengths workshop , do it do it, do it, it’s brilliant !!!
…vision boards are truly life enhancing and transformational, they access our inner self, the one we have disguised over many years …