Noticing Nature

snowdrops by a stream

What have you been up to this week?
Me? I have been noticing the spring flowers emerge.
The earth is waking up and the sunshine over the last few days has been energising.
Do you feel yourself waking up too? I know I do.

Noticing the world around me has been enhanced by a two week Noticing Nature Positive Psychology exercise that I have been undertaking that has been shown to increase wellbeing.

Would you like to to give it a go?

Here are the Noticing Nature instructions:
Over the next two weeks become mindful of natural objects or elements around you and notice the emotions these evoke.
Take a photo of an object, scene or element that evokes a strong emotion.
try and take 10 photos over the 14 days

I invite you to share your photographs with me using the hashtag #releaseyourawe on social media.

Enjoy 🙂

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